About Lamb Farm Kitchen

The Farmer, Colleen Lamb

Colleen Lamb was born in The Palouse, an agricultural region of eastern Washington State. Colleen taught ‘Family and Consumer Science’ (an academic discipline that includes nutrition, food preparation, textiles, and other subjects focused on providing a better quality of life for individuals, families, and communities) for 20 years in the Seattle metropolitan area. She missed the feel of dirt beneath her feet.

Colleen left the big city and made ‘the beginning of a farm’ alongside the banks of the Dungeness River. She started small with a few rows of garlic, strawberries and raspberries. The Dungeness River Lamb Farm has grown to include more than 40 acres of USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables. The on-site commercial kitchen is where Colleen works her magic and shares her passion for healthy, creatively prepared foods.

The Dungeness River Lamb Farm

The Dungeness River Lamb Farm is located on the fertile delta of the Dungeness River in Sequim, Washington. Sequim has a unique, moderate climate that enables our farm to produce the finest certified USDA organic fruits, vegetables, and grains. In our on-site commercial kitchen, we create handmade baked goods, and develop the intense, concentrated flavors of our low sugar preserves.

As certified organic farmers, we stand at the center of contemporary concerns about the environment, sustainability, the origins of our food, and the choices we make in all areas of consumption. At The Dungeness River Lamb Farm, we work hard to earn that little green organic seal we place on each of our products. The USDA Organic seal is our promise to you that every piece of produce, every product and household item, is grown or crafted with thoughtfulness and care.

Our line of Made in the USA household items include organic textiles, apparel, and restaurant-quality ceramic dishware. You can be confident that the principles of quality, durability, function, and beauty are reflected in every Lamb Farm product.

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